1080P HD! Vidlok business webcam W91 built-in noise reduction speaker camera

1080P HD! Vidlok business webcam W91 built-in noise reduction speaker camera

Vidlok business webcam W91 is a computer camera with multiple functions. Its slogan is: Business Webcam with Dedicated NC Speaker.

Although Vidlok business webcam W91 uses an opaque packaging design, there is a picture of the product itself on the front of the box. Users can directly see the appearance of the product. A detailed product introduction is printed on the sides and back of the box to help users understand this product.

The audio encoding format of Vidlok business webcam W91 is PCM, and it uses dual microphones to record stereo sound so that people around can clearly hear the conversation. At the same time, it is the world’s first product with built-in noise reduction speakers, which can filter out the conversation. External sounds can achieve high-definition sound quality; in clear mode, a full-screen high-definition video call experience can be achieved. In the high-definition video call mode, the video resolution can be recorded at a full HD 1080p resolution of up to 30 frames per second, while the ordinary video resolution is 480×320.

Vidlok business webcam W91 camera has a clever design in terms of appearance. It is a main computer camera, so it is cylindrical in appearance, plus a three-dimensional base with rounded rectangles.

This camera adopts USB DC power supply and DC 5V power supply. It is very simple to use the camera-you only need to connect it to the lid of the laptop and connect the USB cable, and the camera software driver will be installed automatically. Such a connection is much more stable than a wireless connection, and there will be no screen freezes and delays, and the screen can basically be synchronized with zero difference. And this camera uses a 4.5mm high-definition lens, you can clearly see the picture information. It has a 90° wide-angle lens, no matter if everyone is in a meeting or doing other things, it can make everyone participate.

Although Vidlok business webcam W91 is a traditional camera for PCs and laptops, it has unique and flexible 360° rotation design, which can be rotated completely freely, and the camera can also be customized according to requirements. At the same time, the vertical direction can also be adjusted arbitrarily at 120°。

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