VIDLOK Ring Light Series—Promise Dimming, Feel Free to Adjust.

VIDLOK Ring Light Series—Promise Dimming, Feel Free to Adjust.

Nowadays when self-media is very developed, many people have camera needs. The process of shooting is often not just as simple as shooting, light is also particularly important. Fill light is the best partner to provide light, and ring fill light has become very popular in recent years.

Here I’m glad to introduce a new selfie ring light product, which is the best budget and has excellent performance —The VIDLOK Ring Light series.

This series includes two sizes, 12″ and 18″, and each version has its own characteristics and advantages.

VIDLOK Ring Light 12” has 30CM outer ring size and 24CM inner ring size and it can be powered by USB interface, users can use a laptop or just a power bank to power it, so it has high portability. it can be used in many scenes needing fill light such as live streaming, facial makeup and night lighting, etc. Besides, its ABS+PC material makes his heat dissipation and use performance stronger, no need to worry about over heat and product life. VIDLOK Ring Light 12” supports one phone holder and 3 lighting modes and in a just-right size. Exactly it’s the best choice for a ring light.

VIDLOK Ring Light 18” is the updated version of VIDLOK Ring Light 12”. It has larger size, stronger light filling ability and more interfaces. Therefore, it can be used in more professional scenes such as a concert. Its USB interface can support power to user’s phone. It is set 3 phone holders can mostly support 3 phones’ work simultaneously. VIDLOK Ring Light 18” also has 3 lights tunes ( warm, natural, white light), and they are brighter and more beautiful than VIDLOK Ring Light 12”.

Besides, both ring lights have a portable bag and can be folded into a small volume, so they can be easily taken anywhere. With the best budget and excellent performance. VIDLOK Ring Light is the best choice among fill light products!

About VIDLOK: A Shanghai company focused on innovation and quality, Vidlok designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives. Founded in 2017 by product head from LONGCHEER Technology, and quickly expanding to the world, Vidlok started connecting people through IoT- Internet of things, especially Visual Electronics Products, including Webcams, Circle View Cameras, Stream Cams, Conference Cameras , and more.

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