Vidlok Selfie Ring Light, a must-have light-filling artifact for beauty

Vidlok Selfie Ring Light, a must-have light-filling artifact for beauty

LED ring light is often used in portrait shooting, because it can bring us a different kind of lighting effect and add a different feeling to the photo. In many cases, due to the light problem, we will find that the photos we take are not very good-looking, and cannot produce the feeling we want, so the ring light makes up for this deficiency.

However, after having the ring light, many people do not know the ring light very well, so sometimes the effect of the shot is not as desired. The type of the ring light will also affect the effect you shoot, so how to use the ring light Light to shoot the effect you want?

For newcomers who are new to use of ring light, they may not be very familiar with dimming, and the brightness of the light is not in place, so it is not suitable to use too complicated ring light. You can start with the two-color light. Generally speaking, the dual color temperature can be adjusted at will to shoot the scene we want.

For those in the live broadcast industry, outdoor and indoor live broadcasts, light is very important. If the light is not in place, it will expose their shortcomings. In addition, for the face broadcast, the requirements for the light are a little more demanding, and it needs to be 360 ​​degrees without dead ends.

Vidlok Selfie Ring Light can be arranged according to needs. When shooting people or objects, it forms a dot or circle aperture effect, high CRI and high brightness, soft and non-glaring light, 3000K-6000K dual color temperature adjustment, so that the color temperature of the captured image Balanced, good color rendering effect, restore the color of the color itself, no color cast, no shadow, and more uniform light fill effect.

In addition to being used for self-photographing, the ring light has many functions, such as the use of ring light in makeup, and the use of ring light in live broadcasts.

There are also different types of ring light. After reading the introduction, you should also understand. Vidlok Selfie Ring Light is a very good tool for photographic lighting. It is compact and convenient, with stepless dimming, and dual-color temperature adjustment at will. It can directly ring light anytime and anywhere, and it has the light effect of beautifying and beautifying the skin. It is very suitable for webcasting. A must-have light-filling artifact for beauty, photography, and selfies.

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