Vidlok Selfie Ring Light | Your First Choice For Live Broadcasting

Vidlok Selfie Ring Light | Your First Choice For Live Broadcasting

Vidlok as a brand made this selfie ring light so individuals or groups can make use of it for live broadcasting, photo studio shootings, makeup, etc. Although, VIDLOK is not really new in the making of useful items of this nature. The brand is related to the IMILAB brand which is widely known to also be a sub-brand of the Chinese giant Xiaomi.

looking into the features, this selfie ring light comes with remote control and a tripod stand that helps to hold your device (cellphone) from falling during broadcasts or shootings. You all know, technology has gradually dominated the world and it is the order of the day. Different manufacturers are trying to produce items that can be more useful in our day-to-day activities. Below are more interesting features of the Vidlok selfie ring light you should know.

Control And Performance:

With the remote control, you can adjust the brightness, switch light colors, power on/off making the device very easy to operate. This will Interest you to know, this LED ring light can be powered by any USB power supply, like wall chargers, power banks, laptops, etc. On the tripod stand, looking from the front, there is a touch button that you can also use to send commands to this ring light like the remote control.

The Vidlok selfie ring light has an angle adjustment of about  180 degrees that allows you to adjust this object to fit your preferred angle. This selfie ring light from VIDLOK can be used for different purposes because of the 2 in 1 design combination of the phone holder and selfie ring light together. Technically, it is a professional tool for creating live videos/recordings with smartphones or computers. This object was embedded with a perfect extra light for makeup, live streaming, filming, selfie photos, video recordings, online teaching, etc. Those features alone have qualified this object to be a must-have at home, offices, etc.

It will surely interest potential buyers to know this LED ring light from vidlok has no ultraviolet and infrared light radiation. The three (3) color lightning modes are; white, warm yellow, and warm white, and each of them have adjustable brightness controls. This product, in particular, can be used (compactable) in every live video platform or application. Nevertheless, it also has low heat output, safety, and environmental protection guarantee.

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