Vidlok webcam w77 Full HD 1080P Video Calls with Sonix Chipset

Vidlok webcam w77 Full HD 1080P Video Calls with Sonix Chipset

Vidlok webcam w77 1080P provides hardware solutions for video collaboration. 1080p 30fps is vivid, clear and recognizable. At the same time, high-speed shooting can be completed with FHD settings, and the picture has no smear, ensuring the smoothness of the video. And adapt to almost all video applications such as Skype for Business, ZOOM, etc., plug and play.

Vidlok webcam w77 1080P is also equipped with a manual close/open safety lens cover to provide users with privacy protection. For enterprises, Vidlok webcam w77 1080P is also suitable for video conferencing. Choosing Vidlok webcam w77 1080P for video conferencing requires almost no maintenance by professional technicians to complete all deployments at one time, greatly reducing corporate communication costs.
webcam w77 1080P is recognized as the two most cost-effective cameras.

The webcam w77 1080P host webcam is optimized for live broadcast and is more suitable for high frame rate game live broadcasts. In 1080P full HD video shooting, it supports a speed of 30 frames per second, making the picture clearer and smoother. When necessary, webcam w77 Full HD 1080P Video Calls with Sonix Chipset can also shoot high-definition pictures at high speed, keeping it smooth and not skipping frames when capturing intense game operations.

In addition, webcam w77 1080P Stream supports Personify’s dynamic background replacement software. During the live broadcast process, even if the host is behind the complex background, it can accurately identify and eliminate it, which is convenient for the web host to use his imagination. Combine your own image with other pictures and push, and you can even create your own virtual studio. In addition, the camera also comes with a bracket, which allows the webcaster to shoot at a more professional angle.

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